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over 200 million

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What We Do

Plastic Cleanups

The community gathers from all around the world to clean our beautiful beaches and oceans from plastic.

Raising Awareness

Our movement aims to encourage people and institutions worldwide to team up and tackle the plastic problem. We aim to inspire others to join the movement.

Building A Community

Our community is growing at rapid speed.  With now over two million followers on TikTok the young movement has one of the biggest community impacts on social media.

Our mission

The vision is our mission: To clean up our beautiful beaches and waters from plastic waste. We are building a community to actively clean and inspire politics, cooperations and viewers worldwide to take action. Every action towards the bigger goal matters. Together we can really make a difference.


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About us

The Planet Matters movement was created by its founder Felix Krainer with the mission to start a worldwide community that tackles the massive plastic problem of our world's oceans today. We are a very young, driven, and uprising team that is rapidly expanding with volunteers and workers worldwide joining in to fight for the planet. We are currently traveling and working to create a global plastic clean-up campaign with the power of social media. With the videos posted on TikTok and Instagram, we aim to spread the message fast. We're using our skills to create a healthier planet by organizing beach and ocean cleanup events, pushing the social media campaign, and thereby inspiring other young minds around the world to join in on this very important mission.

Beach clean up activist Felix Krainer

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