Plastic beach pollution

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What can YOU do?

Beach Cleanup

Start cleaning up

The easiest way to start? Take a walk to nature and start cleaning up plastic trash yourself or write us to join one of our events. We would love to receive videos and photos of you making an impact via Email, our contact form or Instagram DM for us to share.

Plastic ocean turtle

Your ideas

Do you have important input on further developing our plastic cleanup efforts? Contact us and share your experience, contacts, plans, thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear from you!

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Tell the world

Want to drive the movement? Start talking to others about the importance of the beach and ocean plastic cleanup initiative and share the videos on social media. 

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Support the movement and make a statement by purchasing one of our high-quality, super comfy, and most importantly eco-friendly Planet Matters merchandise pieces.

The vision is our mission: The Planet Matters team aims to clean up our beautiful beaches and waters worldwide from plastic waste. We are building a community to actively organize beach and ocean cleanups and meanwhile inspire politics, cooperations and viewers worldwide to take action. This is only the beggining. Together we can really make a difference. Each helping hand MATTERS.